A medium roast with light tasting notes of apple and orange peel and a hint of bittersweet chocolate. 


Washed Process * Rainforest Alliance * Fair Trade

Columbian Asprotimana

  • Region - Huila 

    Farm - ASPROTimaná coop

    Genetic Varieties - Caturra, Bourbon, Gesha, Castillo, Colombia

    Altitude - 1400-1700 mass

    Process Method - Fermintation Washed 

    Drying Method - Sun-dried raised on bed at farms


    Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ

  • The southern coffee growing areas of Colombia’s Huila department produce some of the most dynamic, complex profiles we’ve seen in Latin America.  Small-holder farmers represent the vast majority of Huila’s production, and the cooperative structure has been enormously effective in bringing their coffees to the specialty market.  ASPROTimaná coop was formed in 2001 by 32 original farmer members.   Socio-economic stability for coffee farming families was the catalyst for this organization.  Even in the early days of specialty coffee, these farmers knew that better market access was the key to the stability they sought.  Today, ASPROTimaná has around 290 farmer members, from 22 villages around Timaná, with more joining every year.