Providing the experience of specialty coffee. 

Cascadia Coffee Roasters is a NW Portland-based artisanal coffee roastery and cafe. We specialize in Cold Brew, and delivering specialty coffee wherever caffeine is welcome.



Experience Cascadia Coffee Roasters at our cafe on NW Front avenue. In addition to our speciality coffees, we offer house-made breakfast and lunch sandwiches. We proudly serve locally-sourced Spielman bagels, pastries by Fleur de Lis, and tea from the Jasmine Pearl Tea Company. 


We are located at 2010 NW Front Ave, Portland, OR 97209. Cascadia operates from 7a-7p Monday-Thursday and 7a-8p Friday-Sunday.


We provide speciality coffee wherever caffeine is welcome. Let the artisans at Cascadia Coffee Roasters provide coffee for your cafe, restaurant or office. We will deliver freshly roasted coffee weekly to your location across the five Portland quadrants.


Contact us to set up a visit with one of our roasters to learn about serving Cascadia coffee at your location. 



Cold Brew

We are the originators of Cascadia Cold Brew and Cascadia Cold Brew on Nitro. Our cold brew features cupping notes of rich, toasted oak, chocolate, with a toffee finish. When infused on nitro, Cascadia Cold Brew is transformed from a drink into an experience. 


Available in 12oz bottles and 5 gal kegs for distribution provided by Maletis Beverage across Oregon and Southern Washington.


Our Story

It all started in my garage in 2002.

Living in suburbia outside of St. Louis, MO, I had the bright idea to try to roast my own coffee. Armed with nothing other than my popcorn maker and a library of online videos, I successfully roasted the worst batch of Bali Blue Moon coffee ever roasted! I’ll never forget the look on my wife’s face when she took the first sip of the pour over I proudly made using my very own home-roasted coffee. It truly was horrific. However, I was hooked.

Soon I upgraded to a hot air roaster (I built myself) and learned to perfect my technique to keep my family and friends happy with fresh roasted coffee, year round.

In 2010 my family moved to Portland where the pursuit of coffee takes place on a completely different level. Here, I had the chance to join the roasting team of one of Portland’s long time roasters, Spella Cafe,  where I learned to hone my craft beyond 1/4 pound batches at a time. In 2015 my “Yoda,” Andrea Spella released me to start Cascadia Coffee Roasters.